Brand Ambassador

Our brand ambassador program is 100% voluntary by participants that apply and are approved.

This is not a job application or a position with our company. The intended purpose for brand ambassadors of our product line is to allow permission to use our products that can later be used to promote the brand. Representing our brand by participants to do online reviews, video/picture reviews, unboxing reviews, or showcasing our products on their social media platforms. The participants are rewarded with free product(s) to use and keep free of charge. It is anticipated that the participants will create content that can be used by Xerxes Enterprises LLC to promote the brands; Sigil of Baphomet Satanic Jewelry, Sigil Occult Jewelry, and Xerxes Jewelry.


We provide items Free of charge.  One item at a time, including shipping expenses.  We appreciate that you would like to help promote our brand and in return, we would like to reward your assistance by sending you free items from our jewelry brand(s).


Upon approval, we are fully responsible for shipping the first item to you. You will have at least 3 months to be creative with the item we send. It is voluntary and you are NOT required to do anything. If you wish not to participate, you can let us know by contacting us or simply do nothing. If you no longer tag us in posts on items sent we assume that this voluntary agreement is terminated.


If approved (Brand Ambassador), we request  a 3 pic/content minimum within 3 months to promote the brand on our social media, if we do not receive any content, this will end our voluntary agreement and no further items will be sent. You are under no obligation to provide us with any content. This will automatically end our collaboration. The content you send or tag, MUST BE SELECTED by us to re-share/rePost on our social media. We are not expecting professional work and you are not required to do so either. Content that is chosen must be appropriate for the promotions we would like to run and must fit with the views of followers and guidelines set by the social media platforms. Content NOT chosen when you tag us, will not be used for promotional purposes on any of our social media accounts. We encourage you to send as much as you wish for us to consider you further on future items. These items include current items in stock and future items we are bringing to the site. All content selected will be posted on our social media channels and will be counted towards consideration for sending you the next time. There is no time limit on when each item will be sent.

Other considerations given for Brand Ambassador Approval:


We will consider potential brand ambassadors that have a reactive following. If you are a business or reseller, or have a brand of your own, we would also consider this as part of our collaboration. If your brand or products are not a conflict of interest with our company, we can still collaborate.  

We will not issue rejection letters. If you are selected, you will be notified.

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Brand Ambassador